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Kids-Only Summer Reading List

A summer reading list from a kid is much better than a summer reading list from a parent. Check out my kids-only book selection. Click here.

Live on NPR Radio Station WGVU'S Morning Show with Shelley Irwin

Listen to my live interview on NPR Radio Station WGVU's Morning Show with Shelley Irwin, as I talk about the importance of reading and my summer reading list. Click here to listen.


Buttons My Gucci Bear is about the friendship between a boy named Finney and Buttons the bear. The story is told through the perspective of Finney’s journal. Buttons has so much fun being mischievous and driving Finney insane!

Written by 7-year-old Aiden Adams, Buttons My Gucci Bear is Aiden’s sixth book, following his hit book, There are No Sheep in New York City, about the power of imagination.

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I was live on the radio with Don Geronimo! Mr. Crash and Mr. Don invited me on March 14, 2022 in the morning. Click here to listen to my interview on the Don Geronimo Show, BIG 100, Washington DC 100.3 FM.

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front page of the WASHINGTON TIMES!

Aiden was on the front page of the Washington Times on Thanksgiving Day 2021! In the interview, Aiden says there is a lot to be thankful for. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what we are thankful for and a time to help others in need. Click here to read Mr. Sean Salai's interview with Aiden in the Washington Times.

Planting Veggies, an original by Aiden


Planting Veggies

Lyrics and Melody by 7-year-old singer-songwriter Aiden Adams.

In this original song by Aiden, he challenges us to work together to fight hunger and food insecurity. There are many barriers to food, and with such a high prevalence of food insecurity and hunger from our rural regions to our inner cities, there is tremendous opportunity for us to make a difference!


I Love You Earth

Lyrics and Melody by 6-year-old singer-songwriter Aiden Adams.

Now available on: Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and other streaming music providers. Click on the provider above to connect directly.

Watch Devin Bender's Beautiful Ukulele coverof Aiden's song: I Love You Earth

Aiden'S Art Contest AWARD

I won 3rd Place for my photo at the Maryland STEM Arts Festival, November 2021. The theme for the Art Contest was Health & Wellness.

In my photography, I am looking inside a red straw in a cup of milk. I used a cell phone to take the photo.

If you look carefully, you can find art in the healthy activities you do every day!

My video, Planting Veggies, won the 1st Place Award in the video category!

About Aiden Adams

Hi, my name is Aiden. I’m now 7 years old. I was 4 years old when I wrote my first book about sheep in New York City. I love music. I play the violin, cello, banjo, guitar, piano, and harmonica. I also love books. My favorite book is “Exclamation Mark” (by Rosenthal and Lichtenheld). I’m so excited just like the exclamation mark because my new book Race Fish is on Amazon! You will love it!

AIDEN'S New Book:

5-year-old Aiden is at it again. He has authored this important story about climate change. Race Fish has a powerful ending and message. Race Fish teaches environmental stewardship in the context of geography, culture, and language. Special Edition available July 2021: 100% of proceeds are donated to environmental non-profits.


There Are No Sheep

in New York City!

What started out as an intellectual debate about whether or not there are sheep in New York City has developed into this young kid's travel guide. Aiden, who has seen his dad author books, wanted to write his own book. Multi-talented Aiden, who wrote the book at age 4, set out to guide you through the Big Apple and demonstrate that there are indeed sheep in New York City. This fun book is sure to please all ages.

Watch Art with Miss E's art project basedon Aiden's book: There Are No Sheep in New York City


Growly Bear

Growly Bear is about a bear who tried to be someone else: a bird and a frog, even a flower and a race car driver. After searching, he finds his own talent: being himself! He comes to realize that it is best to be himself. Growly Bear is Aiden Adams’ second book, following his hit book, There are No Sheep in New York City, about the power of imagination. Aiden is now 5 years old. This new book, Growly Bear, is motivational for all ages!


There Are No Porcupines

in Washington DC!

Join 6-year-old Aiden in this adventure searching for porcupines in Washington, DC. Following Aiden's hit book, "There Are No Sheep in New York City," his intellectual debate about whether or not there are sheep in New York City continues. Porcupines are our cute furry friends with thousands of sharp pointy quills. Washington DC is our nation's capital, where the laws of our country are made. As much as you may want to cuddle with a cute porcupine or enjoy some time playing with a lovable porcupine, having a pet porcupine is illegal in Washington DC. Aiden asks whether or not there are porcupines on the streets of DC. While searching for porcupines, Aiden takes us on a tour of Washington DC, highlighting popular tourist destinations as well as off-the-beaten-path must-see destinations. You'll love this magical adventure!


Beauty Butter

Beauty Butter is fun kids story about the value of friendship.

It is about a flower, a lady bug, a bee, and a bunny. The flower is the main character who learns that true friends will always be there for you.

Beauty Butter teaches kids important lessons in life. Don't judge a bug by its wings! True friends will always be there for you!


Kids love collecting leaves. Fall is here and the beautiful changing colors of the fall foliage are awaiting the young explorers and detectives. Here is your very own leaf collecting album with ziplock sealing pouches to collect, store, and display your own leaves.

Aiden searched everywhere for a leaf collecting album; when he couldn't find one, he decided to create his own. Co-written by Aiden, this leaf album teaches kids about leaves and encourages adventure and discovery.

It is now available on Etsy! Click Here.




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APRIL 29, 2020

Good Morning Washington


I Think About You

by Aiden Adams

Maybe you’re cold.

Maybe you’re old.

Maybe you’ve sold

The good words you were told.

Maybe you were controlled,

Like the robot that kissed the toad.

I wish for hearts to download.

You are the one I want to hold!

Love is worth more than gold.

I Think About You (c) 2021 Aiden Books LLC

Watch Excelly the Crab race at the American Visionary Arts Museum on May 1st

Watch my kinetic sculpture race at the American Visionary Arts Museum's kinetic sculpture race (AVAM Honey I Shrunk the Kinetic Sculpture Race) on May 1st at 11 am (click here to sign up to watch him race online from your home). Link to the AVAM:

Aiden's VideoS:

Mash Up Puppet Theater: Aiden's original story of how baby McQueen became Lightning McQueen and made his best friend Tow Mater. Enjoy this mash up of the classic Gingerbread Man story with Cars!

Aiden's Holiday Music Video - Home for the Holidays

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Aiden's PARTY MIX Video:

A short while ago, Aiden was munching on some Party Mix. When his bowl finished, he asked for more. When Mom told him that we're out of Party Mix, Aiden had a brilliant idea. Watch the video to see what creative Aiden came up with.

Now you know how to make Party Mix!

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Coronavirus is everywhere - schools, gatherings, and playdates are cancelled. Do you miss your friends? Do you miss your teachers? Aiden has come up with a creative idea for a craft that you can do to tell your friends that you miss them.

Create a Pal Note for your friend and share the love. Spread the message.

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Geografun with Aiden

Learning Geography is fun with Aiden!


Do the Fruits & Veggies Challenge at Home!


Aiden has come up with a creative idea for a music video, which is set to his favorite song. With special permission from city police, Aiden gives out parking tickets. Wait until you see the drivers' reactions; it will make your day!

Aiden came up with this video idea because, as he says, "I want everyone to be happy!"

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Aiden's ELECTION Video:

If you're not sure who you want to vote for in the next election, watch Aiden's video for a great suggestion!